Hi! I’m Abigail!

Bringing people together
is my jam.*

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people are becoming more and more independent and isolated these days.

Sure, some of that has to do with a global pandemic. But it started long before 2020.

People (and not just kids) are spending more time online than they are face-to-face with other humans, and that doesn’t seem to be doing anyone any good.

So I’m doing what I can to encourage people to be together again. Let’s hang out in one another’s homes, stand around the kitchen island, enjoy yummy food, and reconnect. (Even if those gatherings have to be smaller for a little while longer.)

I don’t think we’re meant to do life alone.
Charcuterie Collective is my way of bringing people together.

*Actual jam is my jam, too. We use my mom’s recipes for our charcuteries boards, and they are *chef’s kiss*.

I know you’re thinking it.

Yes, I’m young.

But I’ve been creating charcuterie boards for a long time.

It’s all my aunt’s fault.

We were on a family vacation, and I walked into the living room one day to find a gorgeous spread on the coffee table: meats, cheeses, nuts, pretzels, fruit. I was speechless. And I had to try it for myself.

I started experimenting with my own boards, and from the moment I began posting them on social media, I was flooded with messages. Can you please make one of these for me?

So here I am, with my own business, having the time of my life—and I’d love to help you have the time of your life, too. (Or at least the event of your life.)

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