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Last week, I went through Trader Joes and showed you all of my favorite items to use on charcuterie boards. Today, join me as I take you through one of Costco and give you my tips for the best items to include in your charcuterie board. Costco is the best place to shop if you […]
Last week, I went through Trader Joes and showed you all of my favorite items to use on charcuterie boards. Today, join me as I take you through one of Costco and give you my tips for the best items to include in your charcuterie board. Costco is the best place to shop if you are building a grazing table like the large grazing table in our online course “Charcuterie Made Simple” (over 45 people), so I typically end up at Costco multiple times a week getting all of my favorites for grazing tables 😉 Let’s get started!
I’m giving you an insider look at all of my go to things from Costco for my charcuterie grazing tables. From cheeses to garnishes, I include it all in this list and I am so excited to share this exclusively with YOU!



All of the bold titles in this article are direct links, so click the bold names for each time to be taken directly to the item on I hope this helps you as you plan your next shopping trip!


Teakwood Boards

Before we get started looking at the different food options for our grazing table, I want to give you the link for one of the BEST kept secret items at Costco! These teakwood boards would make a great board to build your next charcuterie board on! Not only is it a beautiful wood board that can be used for even more than charcuterie, it comes in a two pack for less than $20! Click HERE for the link!

Tramontina 2-pack Teakwood Cutting Boards – $16.97


Fun Fact: The small traditional board that you make in our online class “Charcuterie Made Simple” is the perfect quantity of food for this size wood board! 


Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese

This yummy goat cheese is great for large grazing tables, and it is commonly requested by our clients, especially during the holiday season! It is the perfect mix of creamy goat cheese & sweet cinnamon and it pairs perfectly with the Almondina Crackers that we will discuss later in this blog!


Coastal Cheddar

If you read our last blog “7 Must Have Trader Joe’s Cheeses For Your Next Cheese Board,” then you know about Coastal! Coastal Cheddar is probably my FAVORITE cheese that we make sure to include on all of our boards! Well, lucky for you, Costco sells it in a much larger chunk than Trader Joes, so all of my Coastal Cheddar fans, you’re welcome! 

Coastal is a very mild cheddar, so it is a great option because your guests of all ages are bound to love it, and it pairs well with jams and mustards! Coastal Cheddar is a rugged aged white cheddar, and when serving it on a grazing table, we cut it into thin slices and break it over the grazing table, to accentuate the rugged texture and utilize it to add to the overall texture of the board.


Kirkland Coastal Cheddar – $5.99/lb



One of my personal favorite cheeses is Jarlsberg, which is similar to swiss! It comes in a large wedge at Costco, so we typically cut that wedge in half and serve that on all of our grazing tables! Guests love when we cut this wedge up into cubes to serve on our grazing tables!


Assorted Bell Pepper Pack

When building a grazing table, especially larger ones, it is best to include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, especially if they have a wide variety of colors to add to your board! Costco carries a 6 pack of Bell Peppers that contain 2 Yellow, 2 Orange, and 2 Red! I LOVE this pack because it is a cost effective and simple way to include a variety of different colored vegetables on my board! Even simple things like this, make a HUGE impact on the overall presentation of your board!


Sanders Chocolate Options

Costco carries the Sanders Chocolates and trust me when I say, you WILL want to buy this Costco sized because all of their flavors are SO yummy! Costco carries Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramel Clusters, Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. My personal favorite is the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, but you are bound to love them all! These all make great garnishes to top off your charcuterie board and add a sweet component as well! 


Sander’s Sea Salt Chocolates

Both Sea Salt Flavors are also a nut free option, if that is something that you have to be aware of due to guest allergies! 


Edward Marc: Dark Chocolate Coconut Almonds


I have loved these chocolates since I was a kid and they make a great garnish option for your charcuterie board! These chocolates can be spread throughout the board to help fill in any spaces at the end, to help give the board a fuller feeling.  


Edward Marc Chocolate Coconut Almonds


Thin Addictives Cranberry Almond Thin Cookies

These thin, cranberry cookies are AMAZING and they add a wonderful sweet component to your grazing table! We mentioned it earlier in this blog, but these Almondina crackers pair wonderfully with the Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese we previously discussed, but it also pairs wonderfully with brie, Délice de Bourgogne, or any other sweet soft cheese!


Italian Dry Salami

Costco has some great options for Salami to incorporate into your next grazing table! There really is no way to go wrong, kids and adults are all bound to love it. This Salami can be used with a small shot glass to make a salami rose as well!


Tru Fru Chocolate Strawberries

These yummy chocolate strawberries are a great garnish idea for your boards! I am always on the lookout for chocolate covered fruits that add a sweet flavor to the board, and I have to say that these are some of my favorites! The large bag from Costco is a great size to use for your next grazing table!


Tru Fru Chocolate Strawberries from Costco are SO GOOD! ? These ripe strawberries are doubled dipped in white & milk chocolate and are so flavorful! Get 20oz for just $10.99! #costco #trufru #chocolatestrawberries

♬ Strawberry – Prod. By Rose



Make sure to check out our “Charcuterie Made Simple” online course to learn how you can make your own charcuterie boards with the products used in this blog!